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Privacy Policy

We recognize that making purchases at or any website requires a high level of trust. We value your trust and confidence and vow to protect your privacy and the security of all personal information you provide to us. We do not and will not rent, sell or loan your personal information to anyone.

Use of Cookies

When you visit your computer will be assigned a unique identifiable text file to be stored within your hard drive. Most websites today do this to identify the visitors. The purpose of this cookie is to identify you when you visit our site so we can enhance your online shopping experience. You can choose to shop without cookies, but you will not be able to take advantage of certain features on the site. We also collect source code by reading parameters embedded in the URL of the link that you clicked onto our site. We do not and will not rent, sale, or loan your personal information to anyone.

Sharing of Information

To provide you with the best shopping experience at, we may share some anonymous information about your browsing history while you have been on our site. This information is not personally identifiable, and generally includes products you have viewed and pages you have visited at We gather this information by utilizing Web Beacons (also called tracking pixels on some instances), which is a graphic image or small string of code, that is included on our pages to facilitate communication and data exchange with our approved Third Parties. Web beacons are generally used by web sites for recording web site traffic, customer preferences, advertising effectiveness, and general auditing. We use this information to generate suggested products you may be interested in, as well as other services to enhance your shopping experience. We may be required to share this information with Third Parties that we have approved as secure, in order to provide these Third Parties with information about your browsing history while visiting This information will never be used to identify you personally, and contains no identifiable information about you or your purchases.


IDG uses Google remarketing technology in order to display ads to its customers on websites not owned or affiliated with Industrial Distribution Group. When a customer visits, this technology uses cookies in order to track these visits and subsequently display targeted ads to these customers as they browse to websites which participate in the Google remarketing network. If you do not wish to be included in these remarketing campaigns, you can opt-out by visiting Google's Ads Settings.

Social Networking utilizes many social sharing technologies offered by Facebook, Twitter, etc., including allowing our customers to "Like" or share any of the content on our web store through the use of social sharing buttons on pages. Users should be aware that by "Liking" or sharing content on using the social sharing buttons, that user agrees to allow to list their name, photo, etc. on their social profiles. This information may be viewable to your social networks to which our shared the content, depending on your privacy settings.

We reserve the right to change or amend our privacy policy at any time.

If you have any question concerning our policy please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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